June 27, 2011

Deloitte Office Move

Today I had an exciting photo shoot, covering Deloitte's move to 555 Mission Street, San Francisco.

The move to 555 Mission has been years in the works, and sees Deloitte having a smaller, more collaborative workspace.

Though I've elected a cubicle-free career (but probably spend just as much time sitting on my desk editing and writing blogs) this incredible workspace had me slightly envious.

Thanks to the chain of Phil Carter --> Kyle Terada who passed my name along for this assignment!


  1. Awesome pics!

    I'm joining Deloitte this Fall and was dying to see the new place. When they recruited me last year I only heard about it but didn't know much. Did they happen to say when they were planning on moving in (if they haven't already)?

    This satisfies my 9-month curiosity!

  2. Thanks! I believe they are all already moved in. Beautiful location. Makes me want to work there too! Enjoy and welcome to the bay area!