October 27, 2011

Eastern Sierras

For a quick pre-birthday mini-vacation headed to the Eastern Sierras with my parents.

In my memory (which is very poor) I've never been here before, but wow, I definitely want to go back! It was so beautiful!

There's a surprising number of small lakes

Including the interesting, but kind of depressing Mono Lake.

Also caught Devil's Postpile

And the earthquake fault line.

I'm convinced I'm going going to die in an earthquake, but I imagine it in the unlikely situation of me falling into a divide down to the earth's core. Plate tectonics don't really work that way so guess I'll just never die! But this is pretty close to my theory where you can really see the divide in the earth, but too many rocks, not the free fall into the rabbit hole.

And thanks to the tip from photographer buddy, Nathan Yan (who captured great images of it, here) we  ventured to Hot Creek geothermal area.

Ended the evening heading through South Lake Tahoe. Spending a large part of my childhood in my mom's hometown of Truckee, I'm very familiar with the north side of Lake Tahoe but rarely find myself on the south side. Such a fun trip!

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