June 8, 2016

San Francisco Giants 2 - Boston Red Sox 1

From the south bay back up to San Francisco - covered the San Francisco Giants vs the Boston Red Sox on a breezy Wednesday evening.

A game which lacked a lot of action apart from a home run by each team

Brandon Belt's being a splash hit. Always fun, though not something I can actually capture.

Then Mac Williamson hit a home run (his first MLB home run!) in the eighth which made for some fun photos as the ball went over the wall and everyone watched... including the Chevron cars ;)

Though perhaps he was still too excited from his first MLB home run, that it got to his head, causing him to drop this ball, to put Boston with a runner on 2nd and no outs. Whoops!

Boston tried to send in pinch-hitter "Big Papi" David Ortiz, in what would be his last at bat at AT&T Park.

And he ended up earning a walk against Javier Lopez.

Bochy let Lopez strike out Travis Shaw before going to the third pitcher of the inning, Hunter Strikland to finish it off.

San Francisco Giants defeated the Boston Red Sox 2-1

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