January 6, 2010

Cal Men's Basketball defeated by UCLA 76-75 OT

Rome talking to the team in the pregame huddle

What a bummer!! I was pretty amped for this game. Pac-10, remembered my batteries, was co-shooting with GBS photographer Michael Pimentel, Cal had a 12 point lead. That lead dwindled until it was gone, then we tied it up for OT. But couldn't finish the game. Some unlucky/poor calls. Missing Jorge and apparently Rome was sick. Let's hope Cal can fair a little better Saturday's game.

In great news, karma allowed me to slightly repay a favor. A pay it backwards of sorts. The photographer from the Daily Bruin forgot her card reader and with the same voice of desperation and embarrassment that I had Saturday, she asked to borrow my card reader. And I was able to say yes. Though a card reader is not as critical as a battery, still vital to producing images. Glad I could help!!

Some photos from the game:

Jamal's intense face.. to say the least

Pretty impressive that Brandon Smith can be a freshman and coach having faith to put him in with <2min in a critical game. He's about Randle's size, but like Randle doesn't let the big dudes boss him around when he's controlling the ball.

Rome's face for words I won't type

Referee's need to realize Montgomery has been in this game for a while and (ignoring that Warriors stint) pretty successful/knowledgeable. If you make a bad call, he won't be shy about letting you know.

PC trying to act like Max

Good to see Jorge is alright, not a tore ACL like I had first heard (from the reliable sources of gossip of the VIP seat guys behind me). Should be back in 4 games.

For my full set of photos go to GoldenBearSports.com

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