February 18, 2010

Driving up to Oregon

Tomorrow I'm going to be photographing University of Alaska Anchorage at Western Oregon University. So today I drove up... or rather rode up to Oregon with my parents.

We stopped at the Redding Sundial Bridge in the Turtle Bay exploration park. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava of Spain, considered one of the elite designers in the world. It's a very beautiful and unique bridge. I still think its odd that a town of 100,000 would bother spending $23.5 million on a pedestrian bridge. But I guess everybody wants a claim to fame. It's a great landmark and a really beautiful structure.

Note my sensor is DIRRRTY. I thought about trying to photoshop it out but decided to leave it, in spirit of honest images and this blog is meant to be somewhat of an insight on a photographers thought process and having clean sensors is definitely something to be considered! Thankfully these images were just for personal purposes.

Also, stopped along my parents newly purchase plot of land in Oregon. They are now land barons. haha. This was an incredibly naive purchase from a family member who was going to stop paying taxes on it and turn it over to the state. Instead, this middle of nowhere lot now proudly belongs to the Cox family and we got to explore the area and search/make up where the property lines might be based on google maps. It was such a fun adventure and turned out to be a lot more beautiful of a location than imagined. I would never desire to live there, but it's definitely a neat getaway and it sounds impressive to say you own land... even if it's not that impressive in actuality haha.

Can you spot my mom exploring her new land?

Deer tracks

The road to the land

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