February 25, 2010

SOC: Mexico beats Bolivia 5-0

Something I've been looking forward to for quite some time... Mexico vs Bolivia at Candlestick!

I arrived SUPER early... to make sure I could park, eat press box food (yum) and get all set up. It was great to see all the shooters that I usually only see during soccer season. But I made one critical flaw... I shot Bolivia the first half.

At most soccer games unless you are the designated official photographer, you have to stick to one side for the entire half. I thought I'd shoot Bolivia so I could shoot Mexico the second half and get all their jube of winning the game. Problem was... Mexico scored 4 goals in the first half. Was glad to see them put those in  but would have rather they save the show for when they are attacking towards the side I'm sitting!!

Still feel like I was able to get some good shots.

Oh well. I'll get another chance to cover them next week. =)

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  1. Hey Kelley! It was great seeing you at the game - looking forward to the Quakes season... Regarding the first vs second half field choice in these games, it's good to note the strategy of the game itself; This was a friendly, so typically the stronger team (Mexico) only plays the stars for the start (first half), thus you always want to be on the attacking side of the field for the stronger team for the first half. That's usually the case in these types of games! Remember when Barcelona came out - Messi, Henry, etc all played the first half only.