March 31, 2010

Cal Bear Trax

Today I headed over to Cal to shoot for the Cal Sports Quarterly, this will be my 2nd cover for them =)
The story is about Cal Bear Trax which is a program for Oakland YTA students. They come to Berkeley ’s campus for academic tutoring and tennis instruction. It was estbalished by Cal Men’s Tennis Head Coach,Peter Wright and is maintained by a whole group of wonderful people.
So I showed up to photograph the students in the classroom and on the court. With the vision of Cal’s Publications Coordinator, Evan Kerr.
My burden here was having a light set that slave off each other. This is great for indoor shoots, but shooting outside, under harsh sun, I am limited to one strobe because it’s too bright for the other one to slave. Someday I hope to have fancy pocket wizards so I don’t have to worry about that, but for now, gotta work with what I got. They aren’t my proudest images, I definitely need to work on my creativity and direction for big group shots (and even portraits) but I’m learning.
The students, tutors, and coaches were all great and I hope the program can continue to grow!

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