March 28, 2010

UAA at Stanford Invitational & Chabot Relays

Went to the Stanford Invitational for the first time yesterday. After covering Tamar just for fun, the Alaska Anchorage SID passed along my information to another SID up there and he asked me to cover them when the track team had events in the bay area. How cool for that to come out of a fun trip to visit my buddy!

Was great to shoot. Stanford has an incredibly nice facility with a giant board that lists the players in the heat and their school/professional affiliation so it's easy to follow the action.

Then today I headed over and covered them at the Chabot Relays, a lil more relaxed and less organized. But the benefit to that is being able to shoot from almost anywhere.

Also shot quakes but that's going in it's own post =)


  1. do you know where to find any other photos of the chabot relays?

  2. Hello! I don't know about any other photographer's images but the rest of mine are on my zenfolio site here:

    I was only covering UAA though...