October 17, 2010

Cal Women's Soccer vs Washington State

Woke up Sunday morning and it was rainy. Though normally this might make me want to stay cozy inside, instead I thought I'd go to the Cal Women's Soccer game.

I like the idea of shooting in the rain, especially for Cal Soccer. Playing at Edwards Stadium, a grass (as opposed to turf) field, I thought I would get some cool gritty, dirty, muddy shots. Not necessarily what Cal will want to use for multiple purposes, but more graphic to shoot.

One of my favorite things about shooting women's sports is hair! Add flying hair and your photo instantly becomes more interesting. That certainly isn't restricted to women's sports, but certainly more common.

1 comment:

  1. wow, you still got the chance to shoot Alex Morgan while she was in Cal... that is so awesome... now she has some multi-million deals with NIKE and all the jazz... lol