October 12, 2010

Cal Men's Basketball Head Shots

Headed over to Haas Pavilion for Cal's Men's Basketball Head Shots.

A lot of new faces this year!

I was also able to take some individual portrait shots a little more creative than the standard head shot.

And of course had some silly fun =)

...some more than others ::Markuri::

Also took some generic photos for media guide.

Betcha can't guess which player this is ;-)

I super admire Jenna, the only female on the staff who was brave enough to get glam in front of all the boys and face their ridicule because they are too embarassed to say "you look very pretty, Jenna" =)

I also saw my good buddy and photographer Nican Robinson who snuck into a few shots

Looking forward to another great season!

Full set up at http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/mbasketball

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