October 20, 2010

Quakes defeat Chivas 3-0

Had an awesome opportunity to be team photographer for the quakes tonight and WHAT an exciting game. Since these images are copyright to the quakes I am posting them as URLs from SJearthquakes.com as opposed to posting actual images.

Wondolowski scored a hat trick to help the Quakes defeat the Chivas 3-0. Wondo is now tied with Edson Buddle with 17 goals in the race for the Golden Boot.

I recently discovered that Chris is actually the nephew of one of my photo buddies Mike Wondolowski (should have put two-and-two together) and Mike says Chris is the nicest kid, very humble, and very sincere about his appreciation for fans and the opportunity to play. From watching him walk around the entire Buck Shaw Stadium to acknowledge fans, I believe that Wondolowski really is as nice as he seems. Awesome to have this sleeper superstar player without a superstar attitude!

Being October it was Breast Cancer Awareness and even the Coach Frank Yallop was in the pink scarf =)

When working for the team, it's not necessarily just "get good action" "get the stars" but you'll get requests like "Hey Kelley, we've been getting tweets that people want to see (Goalkeeper) Jon Bush's ear all stitched up, can you try to get a photo of it? Thanks!" I spent about the first 14 minutes trying to get a good shot of his ear with my 300mm. But then after the game, I just asked him "hey, can I take a picture of your ear?" and without looking at me like a weirdo, he was very nice and let me get this great shot, ouch!!

A gallery of my images along with league Getty photographer images up at: http://www.sjearthquakes.com/content/earthquakes-3-chivas-usa-0

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