October 22, 2010

Cal Hall of Fame Banquet

I've been photographing the Big C Society's Cal Hall of Fame Banquet the past 3 years. This year was no different.

As usual I was AMAZED by the newest inductees. Starting companies, earning multiple degrees, representing not only Cal but also USA in their sports, having families, and really setting the standard of "student athlete."

In a lot of ways it makes me so proud to be a bear. In a lot of other ways, it makes me feel very un-athletic and unaccomplished. But it's always fun and inspiring to hear their stories.

Would you ever guess they're related? ;-)

I liked Jack Hart's reply to when people said he's the last Cal player to score in the rosebowl, "I'm not the last, just the most recent."

All photos up at: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/calhalloffame

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