December 28, 2010

Stanford Men's Basketball defeats Yale 60-44

The women's game ended at about 3:00 and that gave me 4 hours to kill time before the men's game at 7:00. Was a great chance to work on my new website (January 1!!) and chat with my photo buddy Kyle Terada about our big dreams for photo studios and trying to convince him to be my neighbor in the East Bay.

Time flew by and then it was tip off for Stanford men's basketball vs Yale.

I was pleased to get a lot of blocked shots thanks to my 300mm across the court.

What was "supposed" to be a win for Stanford looked questionable after Yale leading 27-26 at halftime. 

But Stanford was able to lock it up and get the win 60-44. Go bayers! ;-)

Afterwards, my photographer buddy Kyle Terada who has a parking spot in the lot near Maples was nice enough to give me a ride back to my car parked on the street since it was pouring rain. He also checked in with me to see if I made it home ok driving through the storm. I know my mom really appreciates this, and so do I =)

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