December 30, 2010

Stanford Women's Basketball defeats UConn - 71-59

Ladies and gentlemen, the streak is over.

Stanford played Connecticut tonight, took the early lead and held it the ENTIRE game to defeat UConn 71-59 at Maples Pavilion ending UConn's NCAA record 90 game win streak!

Having a feeling Stanford was going to pull it off I shot UConn the first half, then Stanford the second. And I was right!

I also had a feeling Stanford fans were going to rush the court... but I was wrong. With students gone for the holiday break, the fans at Stanford weren't exactly the type to rush anything. But with a sold out crowd, they certainly made a difference!

... Yes, a women's basketball game, sold out! That's awesome!

I feel so happy thinking about how happy the Stanford players must be!

Also a quick shout out to my new blog followers, for more game coverage of Stanford Women's Basketball check out: part of Stanford Fast Break Club.

Go bay-ers =)


  1. I knew you'd post about it immediately. You win. Great shots. I wish I had begged to go. I'll try to put my jealousy aside and just be glad to see Stanford win.

  2. Thanks Zach =) I know, I felt like I had to post right away after a game like that! Was pretty exciting. Maybe when they go to NCAA tourney you'll get to cover them. They'll probably face UConn again there =)