March 22, 2011

Cheerleaders of the WCC

WooHoo! I'm done editing my thousands of images from the WCC and celebrating with the much anticipated blog dedicated to the cheerleaders, or dance team, or spirit squad, whatever you want to call them =)

I had a great time photographing their different performances throughout the tournament.

I love the spunky-ness and the attitude.

And looking really smiley yelling go -so and so-! Regardless of the score.

There were also some adorable lil cheerleaders in training. So cute!

 I will say, Gonzaga, who won the basketball tournament men's and women's, would have also won if there was a cheer competition.

They had cute little dances, male and female cheerleaders, who genuinely were having fun.

And had CRAZY stunts.

Even the bulldog went up on an extension!

I have a special place in my heart for cheerleaders because, believe it or not.... I used to be one!!! Haha!! Who ya rootin for? Vaca High School!

Dating back to Jr. Bulldogs... so awkward and scrawny =)

Thanks to my dad for sending these over =)


  1. Great shots. I'm digging the Portland dance team's style.

  2. Thanks Zach! Yeah Portland, breakin it down =)

  3. Everyone loves Portland! Great shots Kelley!

  4. great job! and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! love the photos at the end of this post! I will have to do a blog post about cheer now too

  5. Thanks Doug! Heard the background here... haha!

    And THANKS Kyle, where's your cheerleader post? Too many cheerleaders to choose from? ;-)