May 13, 2011

USA Rugby DI College Championship Semi-Finals

Headed over to Steuber Rugby Stadium today for the USA Rugby DI College Championship Semi-Finals.

The DI College championship included Women: Penn State vs Virginia and BYU vs Army. And for the Men: Bowling Green vs UCSB and Harvard vs Davenport.

As the official photographer for USA Rugby, I had to make sure I captured some great action for their facebook page updates and stock images in hopes of making sales. It was great to have Zach Sanderson out there shooting with me all day. He was a huge help in providing great images to USA Rugby. We spilt sides of the field so every play was able to be covered. And he captured some great shots! And even Lara Brucker came by after her final to shoot a game before heading back to Berkeley because she graduates tomorrow!! Congratulations Lara!

I love shooting rugby, the atmosphere, the fans, the players, the intensity, the variety of plays, the lack of helmets and pads, it's just a great sport to photograph! Every game can guarantee you some kind of gritty plays and some nice feature opportunities.

Headed back tomorrow for the the final Penn State Women vs Army and UCSB men vs Davenport!

All photos up and available for purchase at

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