June 3, 2011

New light set!

Picked up my new light set from Calumet! I've been using the Calumet genesis lights that John Todd bought for me years ago so I could take head shots for Golden Bear Sports and grow as a photographer.

I was looking forward to some projects this summer and building my Get A Head Photo brand taking head shots for corporations, artists, individuals, but when John asked for them back, I found myself in the market for new lights!

After solid years with the Calumet set, it seemed like a logical choice. Though I've tried out a variety of other brands, the familiarity and my happiness with the previous set, drew me back to Calumet. My previous set was a simple 2-head 200W set up with stands and umbrellas for about $300. But as I advance my career and step up into this industry, I opted for the Calumet Travelite set. The wonderful people at Calumet San Francisco were able to put together a great set for me that include three 750W heads, three modeling lamps, three stands, two umbrellas, two reflectors, one softbox, and a carrying case. They also added in the Pocket Wizard Radio Card and a Pocket Wizard Plus II so I am not restricted by the distance of a sync cord. Also, it has option for a compatible battery pack. Hurray!

The carrying case is amazing! Before, I had no case and was rolling around in style with a literal half suitcase stacked on top of my regular (life saving) Think Tank Photo Rolling Bag, and then would try to balance the stands and umbrellas in a handheld/hand-hurts canvas sack and carrying the second light which didn't fit, by hand. By the time I arrived at photo shoots I was already exhausted, but I never let on, because I was doing what I love! Now, all my lights, stands, umbrellas fit in one rolling case AND there's room left over for my camera and lenses! Hurray!

If anyone needs head shots, let me know! Have lights, will travel, with my travelites =)


  1. And Clamps? What about clamps? should never leave anywhere without clamps and tape

  2. Of course! I have tape and a (singular) clamp now. Baby steps ;-)