June 10, 2011

San Francisco Giants defeat the Cincinnati Reds 3-2

Headed back to AT&T Park for the fifth time this week to photograph the San Francisco Giants vs the Cincinnati Reds.

Giants followed their MO of getting behind early

Then tying it up.

There was a big loss as Freddy Sanchez went down diving for the ball in the sixth inning.

And had to be assisted off the field with a shoulder injury.

Then in the bottom of the ninth, Matt Cain came on as a pinch hitter and got on base with a nice bunt.

He bunted the ball to get on base. Few plays go by, and Nate Shierholtz is up 2 outs, bases loaded, needing one run to win it all. And he did it!

Even the bat boy was celebrating!

Then, we were treated to a fireworks show!!

I headed home to pack for my impromptu LA trip with KC Fox. Fun fun!! Hasta luego!

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