June 6, 2011

San Francisco Giants defeat the Washington Nationals 5-4

Headed over to AT&T Park today to photograph the Nationals vs the Giants

Tim Lincecum was chasing his 1000th career strike out

And he picked it up in the second inning.

And celebrated how you might have imagined...

Then in typical Giants fashion, they got down early, then came back to rally and tied it up in the 8th.

Brian Wilson came on in the 9th and did his duty.

But then it kept going and going.

After a while, the birds came in to watch.

But then, bottom of the 13th, Freddy Sanchez hit the single to bat in Chris Stewart.

And yay! Everyone celebrates!

And I didn't get home until 1:30am... so worth it =)

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  1. i was there that game!!!!! i came with some classmates who had work the next day, so we ended up leaving end of the 12th cause they all had work the next day and aren't as big Giants fans as I am...worst call! wish i had been there for the walk-off