June 5, 2011

USA Water Polo - Masters National Championship

Headed over to the SODA Aquatic Center at Campolindo High School in Moraga today, for USA Water Polo Masters National Championship.

The day started off like a typical photo assignment, 20+ year old women playing water polo.

It was cool to also see some former Cal players back in the pool.

Then it got interesting... by the end of the day we had photographed:

M20+ Olympic Club vs USF
M30+ Olympic Club vs BAM
M40+ Sunset vs CVAC
M45+ Olympic Club vs KAOS
M50+ Santa Barbara vs Olympic Club
M55+ Old Mission Bay vs TV Hui'Hahalui
M60+ TV Hui'Mahumahi vs Old Mission Bay
W20+ Olympic Club vs Los Al
W20+ OMBAC vs E.S.T.
W20+ OMBAC vs Olympic Club
W30+ Olympic Club vs Calgary
W40+ Grayhairs vs Sunset
W50+ Fighting Flamingos vs Gator Gals
W55+ Soda Moms vs Menlo Mavens

I think it's so great that even for a sport like water polo which can't really be played individually or as a game of pickup like basketball, still has organized teams, events, and places to continue to play competitively well into adulthood.

I was waiting all day for the older group, M60+ to play, and it didn't disappoint. I think the requirement to play is to have a mustache.

Though the players got older as the day went on, what never gets old to me, is goalie photos, my favorite! Looks so King/Queen Triton like.

I was SO thankful to have Lara Brucker come out and help me shoot because throughout the day there were two games happening at once. Was such a busy day, half the time, I didn't know what was going on! ;-)

Was great that Greg was around to help hand out my business card so people could view and buy the photos, even if they didn't have anywhere else to put it but in their suits.

Thanks to USA Water Polo for having me out at such a great event! Congratulations to all the championships. Looking forward to many more years/generations of water polo

All photos up at: http://photos.kelleylcox.com/usawaterpolo/masters

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