August 13, 2011

Texas Rangers defeat Oakland Athletics 7-1

Headed over to Coliseum for Rangers vs the A's on Bob Fosse bobble-head day.

Though the game wasn't until 1:10, Kyle Terada tipped me off that there would be a wedding at 10am, so I arrived at 9:30 to check it out. Sure enough, was able to witness the nuptials of Janette Feliciano and Dan Opperman.

How awesome the groom wore a full on personalized A's uniform, bridesmaids and groomsmen wore green jerseys, and even the mothers of the bride and groom wore jerseys as they exchanged "player cards" before the wedding.

Though up to now, I've been straying away from photographing weddings, after a wedding like this which truly celebrated love, I'm starting to think maybe wedding photography would be really fun!

Or maybe it's just because the wedding was the highlight of a game for the A's who fell to the Rangers 7-1.

Sure there were some errors, including two by Jemile Weeks.

But something's gotta change to get these A's back in action!

I did try something different and shoot from up in the pressbox. I didn't get anything great, but nice to mix it up a bit!

I'm excited to see Eric Sogar wear glasses. Not sunglasses, not sporty shades, but real glasses! Hope kids who are teased for wearing glasses see Sogard and if a professional athlete wears glasses, it must be cool!

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