November 23, 2011

San Jose Sharks defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 1-0

Headed down to the Shark Tank between Vacaville days of mom's birthday and Thanksgiving for the Sharks vs the Blackhawks.

Antti Niemi had a great game defending the goal against his former team.

With an impressive block from a one-on-one with Bryan Bickell.

The goal itself was more afraid than Niemi, as it tried to escape the line ;-)

Jason Demers came up with the only goal of the game for the Sharks as they held off the Blackhawks 1-0.

It's crazy how hockey players have this reputation of brutish men, and that might not be that far off as Ryan Clowe is still sporting a black eye.

But some, like Jonathan Toews, look like little boys, at only 23, he is pretty young. As a 24 year old, I can call a 23 yearr old young =)

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