December 15, 2011

Explore! Sierra Touring Company

Since I was at the Diamond S Ranch, I was somehow convinced to bundle up in layers of clothes to take the ATV tour with my mom and Coral in the cold morning hours. The Explore! Sierra ATV tours normally happen in the springtime, summer and fall and they offer snowmobile tours in the winter.

Now, a bit in between seasons, we didn't get either of the official tours, but instead created our own, cruising about 15 miles around the hundreds and hundreds of acres in the beautiful Sierra Valley.

I had rode on the back of an ATV before, but never been in the drivers seat, and woooo what fun!  It was an experience something between Autopia and Indiana Jones rides at Disneyland, except I could go off road, and had an ever present thrill/fear of actually being in control... or lack there of.

We cruised through the ranch, passed the quarry.

Made it to the top of a peak for a scenic view of the valley.

With beauty matched on the other side.

Then went into the back country. Where snow still lay on the path. Along with some bear scat (aka bear poop) and deer hooves prints.

It was SO much fun and I can't wait to take the official tour in the spring. To check out more about Explore! Sierra Touring Company check out their website and brochure! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun adventure!

On a side/funny note. Since the tour was a bit self guided with only the assistance of Coral who lives on the ranch.

My mom as lead dog managed to run into bushes.

And get stuck in the snow.

This would all be very funny if
1) I didn't also get stuck in the snow

2) I wasn't the one who had to pull around each of the 3 ATVs to get back on to the path.

I also managed to get very dusty/dirty, check out my sweet unibrow and moustache where my helmet and shaders weren't covering my face.

I even had dirt in my teeth! I shouldn't have been smiling the whole time!

Haha, SO much fun!

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