December 14, 2011

Diamond S Ranch

To scout the location of a wedding I'm going to shoot next year (yes, I've finally caved into shooting weddings) of a family friend, my mom and I headed up to the Diamond S Ranch.

Passing by Donner Lake. One of my favorite stomping grounds as a kid.

Originally we were thinking we would try to snow shoe, but there wasn't quite enough snow. So we ended up hanging out at the ranch.

Though we did take an ATV ride in the morning. Blog post here.

I used to be so connected to my phone and internet, the thought of missing one email drove me crazy, but now I find myself treasuring the occasional disconnect. To be somewhere where this is the view from the front door. Not bad at all!

Made it back on the road to check emails, and just in time for Dan and Nicole's homemade beer and homemade empenadas party! Good to be back in the city, refreshed and renewed!

Thanks so much to Coral, Jim and Maylou Smith, Chris and gang for making it such a memorable trip. And of course Mama Cox for making the trip with me. I'm ready for Christmas and looking forward to what the New Year has in store!

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