December 13, 2011

Out of the Box - Sprouts Cooking Club

Headed over to Hub SoMa for Out of the Box classes by Sprouts Cooking Club.

To start, Hub SoMa is an amazing space for members to work, meet, and create in a community workspace or in private offices. Everyone around seemed happy, friendly, eco-conscious, intelligent, and interesting. It was like a miniature utopian San Francisco.

Then they opened up the space to kids to prepare a lunch meal based on what was in the box.

I felt embarrassed as I didn't know half the ingredients, or half of what the kids were recommending for possible dishes. It is definitely my New Year's resolution to start cooking better for myself.

In my head cooking is a tedious process that requires following too many instructions.

But now I see it as a fun, experimental and community process.

"Too many cooks in the kitchen" didn't apply as everyone was chopping, mixing and preparing the food.

In the end they made:

It's really cool to have this beautiful kitchen in such an urban multi-use space.

One of the nice things about photographing food events... you get to eat delicious food! =)


  1. This is awesome, Kell!! How did you hear about Hub SoMa? It's such an awesome concept.

  2. I had never heard of it until yesterday!! Apparently there is also one in Berkeley. You would LOOOOOOOVE it! Even the decor screamed KC!