December 22, 2011

Food: Flourish - Oakland Birthday Dinner

Headed over to Oakland for a birthday dinner catered by Flourish by Chef Luisa Michelle.

You might remember Luisa from her portrait photos. Blog post here

This time I was invited into the home of Shenaaz who was hosting her birthday party at home.

I was able to get some great photos of Luisa and Isaura in action.

They came into an unknown kitchen and went to work.

Putting together the meals they had drafted from ingredients to plate design.

With all the ingredients needed except for water, Luisa prepared everything onsite.

People came into the kitchen to sample.

As a food novice, I would start taking pictures.

And then something would be added.

Until each dish was fully prepared to be served.

To the ever excited group of friends.

It was amazing how the food was catered for both taste, culture, and location.

The best part was.... I got to enjoy a plate! Yum!!!

Be sure to check out the Flourish facebook page to have your own supperclub. Can follow Flourish on Twitter to @flourishsf

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