January 21, 2012

Travel: Point Reyes - Tomales Point Trail

As part of my New Year's Resolution I wanted to be more outdoorsy. Taking quick hikes whenever I can. Today was one of those days.

Despite the rain, decided to go hiking with my friends Nicole, Dan and Lucy at Point Reyes.

Though it was pouring on the drive, turned out to be a beautiful day in Point Reyes.

Even with a little rainbow!

Lucy (a non-Californian) was very excited to see her first live snail.

The Tomales Point Trail is the perfect quick hike, it's pretty flat and offers a great view of the coast. Though it is a little windy.

And there's Elk along the trail, but thankfully mainly at a distance.

Though some were a little close as we were driving back!

When the rain started coming down a bit, we were able to huddle under some trees and eat some tasty treats prepared by Nicole.

But the rain quickly passed as we were back in action, champions!!

Thanks so much to my buddies who helped me make good on my resolution... I'm so outdoorsy!! ;-)

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