February 1, 2010

Linking up

First of all... February 1st: Happy Valentine's Month

Today was the social networking working net day.

My twitter automatically updates my facebook

-I'm debating this one because I want to start being a little more twitter active, without pestering anyone who gets my facebook on their mini feed... might be unlinked later

The GBS facebook page automatically updates the GBS twitter 

These are oddly opposite of each other but for some reason I only know how to do it in that direction for the application... weird.

I also added the twitter feed to my blog so non-twitter people can still "follow"... check it out on the right... woo

I think I need to make a Kelley L Cox fan page so I can quit adding people to my personal facebook. It seems weird to request all my friends to be "fan" of me though... but I guess shameless self promotion is in now.

That said... if you aren't already following/friending myself or GBS, please do so!!

This is part of my attempt to update my blog everyday.... but I have no photos to show for it. Just a silly heart I made in photo shop. <3

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