February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! Apparently Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today so there are 6 more weeks of winter. This one of the most absurd American (and Canadian) traditions. I discovered today that there is a groundhog.org... yes, Groundhog Day is an organization, and you could have received a text today from Phil himself, informing you whether he saw his shadow. That said, maybe I trust a groundhog more than the weather report because it was supposed to rain today and I didn't see a drop!

I had the excitement of charging up my new battery today! 

I have never previously purchased a battery for my Mk II, always used the ones that came with when I bought the body. Unfortunately battery life dies over years and it was about time I bought a new one. I had this terrifying visual of being out on the boat at Mavericks and having all3 of my batteries die. Now I have a brand-spanking new one!

I thought about posing it and taking a wonderfully well-lit photo... but then decided iPhone on my desk would suffice. You can't read it, but that circle says Recycle and includes a number to call for where to recycle. This is not on any of my other batteries and I like it!!! Wonder if that's why the bottom of the box is green ;-)

In other exciting news, I got a mention in Kyle Terada's blog today... fair to say, lately I have been a magnetic for out of control flying off the court players. But I've yet to have any conflicts with the dance team or cheerleaders. Haha!!

Also sent in my credential application for the Mexico game, did some back end customer service business work for GBS, drafted my proposed contract for ISI AND went to the gym! Overall productive day but in a management not photographic sense.

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