January 22, 2010

BKC: Cal defeat Oregon 89-57

What an awesome day! There are many things to be excited about. Some things are still "mums the word" but I will be able to share soon =) (email me if you are dying to know, just can't make 100% public)

Received an email today that ISI would like me to be "at the helm" of the coordinator/editor position for the upcoming MLS/WPS/US/International Soccer Season. This is a position I held last season May - November, though I continue to shoot for them still. It was great and I learned SO much about the photography (specifically sports) industry. It set me up working with some incredible photographers across the US. ISI guys I got to work with include:  Matt Brown, Howard Curtis Smith, Andrew KatsampesJose Argueta, Michael Janosz, Trent Davol, Wendy LarsenEric SalsberyRichard McEnery and many others! (If you aren't mentioned here it's because I couldn't find a link to your site, email me and let me know =))

I enjoyed coordinating the photographers and games. The bit that did not work for me was uploading. I had to grab photos off the FTP, edit captions, edit images, and then upload to the site and push out. I always want to do an excellent job and it stressed me out when uncontrollable elements (slow photogs, slow internet, slow site) interfered with my ability to do so. And sometimes being "on the desk" kept me from shooting! I finished out my contract, but expressed at the end I did not wish to continue. This season 80-90% should be able to upload direct!! I'm very happy that my effort was valued and that with new negotiations I can continue to be really involved in ISI. It's a GREAT company that is really the only reason I was able to step into this industry and has given me incredible opportunities that I can't figure out what good thing I did to deserve!

Jamal coming off the court

The third exciting bit was Cal Men's Basketball vs Oregon. Though it wasn't an intense back and forth to victory, the blowouts (89-57) are still enjoyable.

Nikola... if I tried to lean that much I would definitely fall over

guy came flying off court and scuffed up Jorge's shoe... not ok ;-)
why is Jorge still on bench? hope he's healthy soon

there's a new player!!

Nikola and PC being goofy

Fellow GBS shooter Michael Pimentel went up on the catwalk and got some INCREDIBLE shots. Check em out at: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/albums.php?albumId=762

Also exciting: my video from the Marc Silber show has now been posted:

I made my sister watch it first to let me know if it was even safe to watch... she laughed through the whole thing yet said it was good? I called my parents to watch, they said it was good... but that's taken with a grain of salt considering I could be picking my nose and they'd would say I did a good job.

But the MOST exciting part of today... I grabbed pizza with two of my favorite bay area photographers, Kyle Terada and Jose Carlos Fajardo. And look what Kyle brought me!

It's no secret Memo Ochoa is my favorite soccer player. Goalkeeper for Club America (at least until he goes to Europe) and for the Mexico National team. I won't go into detail, but yeah... this made my day!

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