March 1, 2010

Cal Women's Crew

The week got away from me with Golf, Gymnastics, Mexico vs Bolivia, Men's Basketball vs ASU and just general life. But I didn't want to leave out the Women's Crew head shots I took Thursday.

These were basic, not even a team photo. But it was still a challenge because we were shooting outside with the baseball field as a background. The weather kept changing between overcast and outrageously sunny throughout the 2 hour shoot. Thankfully I was shooting in RAW so I was able to adjust post processing to make them look consistent.

Beyond head shots, to put life in perspective... cancer patient, Jill Costello

Jill Costello, a senior who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer after NCAA Championships. She came to head shots straight from a treatment! You can read her story at: (Watch out, it's a tear jerker!) They also had the 1st annual "Jog for Jill" for donations to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. Thoughts with her and her family while she goes through radiation and fights this. She is unbelievably strong!

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