August 9, 2010

Cal Volleyball Photo Day

Also a video from this shoot on All Access here

After football, I grabbed some quick lunch then headed over to  Haas Pavilion for Volleyball head shots, team shots, and their poster shot.

It's pretty typical to do head shots and a team photo for each sport. But volleyball also wanted a more creative "intense" shot for their poster. Yay!

If there's unlimited parking (yay for Sundays) I am very happy to have the opportunity to get a little more creative.

We had some time to kill while waiting for their jerseys to arrive so we were able to spend some time setting up the shot. Here's them in their warms up, I think it looks pretty cool.

Some smiles, some hair up, some hair down, we'll see what they end up choosing for the poster! =)

Photos up at

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