September 4, 2010

Remy Martin V Event

*Be sure to check out newer post about the Remy Martin V party at Mezzanine 9/10*

Yesterday I photographed an event at San Francisco bar Sloane. The event was for Remy Martin to announce to distributors their new spirit, V.

Abi, the promo girl had to gather up the attendees to try to get them to pose in front of the "step and repeat." She did such a great job, and everyone was enjoying posing, some even came back to pose again. The idea is making the V with your fingers will be the new lingo to let the bartender know you want a Remy V.

We were there at noon, so I'm not sure what Sloane is like when it's an actual bar but I'll probably go back to Sloane just because the set up was so cool, and the owners were so friendly.

While setting up, one of the owners asked if I wanted something to drink, considering it was 11am and I was working, I asked for "just a cup water would be great"... and he came up with this designer bottle of evian... so fancy!

I'm also super excited for the actual launch of V! First it's only in SF and Atlanta, and next year it will be available. Ya know SF, being the trendsetter =)

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