October 2, 2010

On the Road - The Skywalk - Grand Canyon

Woke up in Lake Havasu and drove 20 minutes for some scenery shots we were told about. The more interesting thing along the way was Parker Dam which creates Lake Havasu and also happens to be the deepest dam in the world. As the sign said, "Dam, that's deep!"... clever

I'm not necessarily a fan of dams but I guess I can't complain too much because half of the electrcity produced by the dam is sold to utilities in Arizona, Nevada, and yup, California. Guilty.

Moved on the road to our destination for the day the Grand Canyon West Skywalk owned by the Hualapai Tribe. Along the way stopped for 20 minutes to try to catch the lightning show, no luck.

The skywalk which is 4,000 ft above the canyon floor but less than 800 ft vertical drop over the section below the skywalk. That's still 800 ft of not surviving the fall though! Unfortunately, the skywalk doesn't allow any cameras, or personal items (including hearing aids!) so I only have photos of the area nearby.

The highlight of the skywalk, was my new friend, Roy, who works at the Guano Cafe (yes, the bat poop cafe). Taking a break and strolling along the path he told me all about the region, the different structures, the rocks, the canyon, the skywalk, everything. He was significantly more brave than me!

The day ended with a BEAUTIFUL desert sunset!

Photos up at photos.kelleylcox.com/texastrip


  1. love the pictures and the story-telling. :) You sound very professional (because you are very professional of course) but I miss the kelley charm, so you'll have to re-tell all these stories for me in person. Cheers and again, great work!