October 4, 2010

On the Road - Socorro, New Mexico

Lots of driving today. This was the general view. But still see a cool spot where the train tracks divide. It's fascinating how much of our economy uses the railroad system so transport goods!

Our only real agenda today was to pass through Socorro, New Mexico. This is where my grandma's grandma grew up. So my great-great-grandma! As the story goes, as a little girl the infamous New Mexico bandits would come out of the hills to the ranch. But they would only ask for water, say thanks, and be on their way. My grandma can't remember who the bandits were, so let's just pretend it was Pancho Villa =)

Later down the way saw a cool peek-a-boo of a rainbow.

And I got to play with my macro lens =)

And saw the very cool Mission San Jose de Laguna in the Pueblo of Laguna. The adobe style mission was built in 1699 and with help of some upgrades and renovations, still stands today. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside. But it was a very cool mix of Indian and Spanish art and dirt floors. And it's still an functioning active congregation, not just a historical site.

The crazy thing is, the surrounding community continue to live in these old adobe homes, and apart from some shaky looking electrical wiring, look identical to how they likely looked hundreds of years ago.

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