January 27, 2011

Reading Partners

Today I took headshots of the staff and board of Reading Partners, a children's literacy nonprofit.


Once upon a time I had a regular desk job. While a student a Berkeley, I had a campus job working for the California Alumni Association. I worked as a "scholarship intern" for the Leadership Award.

I was hired by the Scholarship Director, Michael Lombardo, who is now CEO of Reading Partners.

After Michael left, Matt Aguiar took over the role, he is now COO at Reading Partners.

And Kristarae Flynn who I reported to directly, now works with their Americorps Program Manager.

It was great to take their head shots to catch up with my old CAA buddies!

Originally known as YES Reading, Reading Partners has been following the motto: one tutor. one child. infinite possibilities.

I am very grateful my parents always took time to sit and read with me as a kid and know it played a huge role in my academic success. Unfortunately, there are many young people who struggle with reading and their parents and teachers might not have the time or resources to assist them. Reading Partners pairs individual students and tutors together in the bay area, LA and D.C. communities to help children become lifelong readers. To learn more, volunteer or donate to this great nonprofit, please visit ReadingPartners.org

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