February 12, 2011

US Soccer Annual General Meeting

Had a most excellent time this weekend covering the US Soccer Annual General Meeting in Las Vegas!

The first night consisted of a quick cocktail reception.

And then Jersey Boys performance!

Had to make a DVD slideshow Friday night, so after Jersey Boys took a few "environment" shots.

Included the view from my room at the Flamingo was gorgeous with the Bellagio water show running.

The next morning photographed some of the Life Members earning their buttons.

Then after shooting some rugby and heading back photographed another cocktail reception.... with a magician!

Then the dinner which included the Werner Fricker Builder Award, presented by President Sunil Gulati to Kevin Payne, president and CEO of DC United, among other distinguished titles.

Afterwards, US Men's National Team head coach Bob Bradley posed for pictures with anyone who wanted one, which ended up being over 150 people!

About an hour after the dinner was scheduled to be over, Bradley even stuck around and posed with some of the catering staff and knowing the US Soccer attendees would have access to images but the catering staff wouldn't otherwise, he took the initiative to ask me how I could arrange for them to access their photos with him. Such a nice guy!!

Ended the night with a quick walk-around with my mom to enjoy the city lights of Vegas. This was about as much as I saw of Vegas, busy busy weekend. But I like to be busy and thankfully had my mom and grandma to chauffer me around, making the weekend stress free =)

Full set up: http://photos.kelleylcox.com/ussocceragm2011

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