March 10, 2011

Cal Women's Crew Head Shots

Headed over to Cal Women's Crew head shots today.

Had been trying to coordinate this since the men's head shots in February so was great to find a day that worked for almost everybody. Shout out to Google Calendar for being the most useful desktop and on the go tool for keeping track of my schedule so I can coordinate everything.

GBS intern Lara Brucker also stopped by and when it was slow, I was able to let her take some of the head shots and give her feedback. Hopefully next season we'll get her out for some outdoor "environmental" head shots, which are a totally different beast than these indoor, white background, two lights, head shots.

A fun tidbit, I was able to meet Rachel, the daughter of one of my photo buddies, Richard Ersted. She was such a sweetheart and knew who I was right away... as KC and I say jokingly, celebrity status!! ;-)

Full set:

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