July 7, 2011

San Francisco Giants defeat the San Diego Padres 2-1

Headed over to AT&T Park for the Giants vs the Padres game.

I showed up early to get some of batting practice. It's fun to see the players all laughing and smiling before the game.

Barry Zito was the starting pitcher for the Giants.

And Corey Luebke for the Padres.

Catcher Eli Whiteside had a nice homerun in the third to get the Giants going.

Tejada got on base and was almost tagged out by Orlando Hudson at second, but Hudson was unable to control the ball.

Tejada later scored on a hit from Pat Burrell.

Though Tejada wasn't without errors, picking up this ball.

As he went to throw it, realized he didn't have the ball. Thankfully Emmauel Burris was able to pick it up.

Burris came in during the fourth inning to replace Bill Hall who was spiked by Jason Bartlett trying to steal second base. Hall ended up receiving seven stitches, but he was able to catch Bartlett... taking one for the team!

Burris was able to avoid the tackling Bartlett later in the game on a double play.

Zito ended up playing an on point 8 innings and only allowing one run!

Then Brian Wilson came in for the save.

And the Giants went home winners, 2-1.

Thanks to Facebook and my dad, I was able to spot my neighbors from my hometown of Vacaville enjoying the game. Hello Boele family!!!

Also, wanted to give a big shout-out to the son of my buddy James Leash. James says he reposts my Giants blogs for you to read while you are stationed overseas! Thanks for everything you do. Hope you have a safe return and can catch some live games later this season!!


  1. Beautiful images. Great timing on the first photos. Tejada and Hudson's image was amazing. so cool to see everything was blown out and its just the two of them and the ball are sharp... That's Kelley L Cox, right there! :)

  2. Ha! Thanks!!! ...That's shallow depth of field and being lucky that ball was in the same plane as the players... but I'll take it!! ;-)

  3. Really, really, really incredible! Outstanding Kelley!!!