September 3, 2011

Cal Football defeats Fresno State 36-21

Headed over to Candlestick Park for Cal Football vs Fresno State.

With Memorial Stadium under construction, Cal will be playing it's season at AT&T Park, but the opener was hosted at the home of the 49ers, Candlestick Park.

Fresno State kicked off to Cal, and in just the second snap, Zack Maynard's first pass was intercepted and Fresno State promptly scored on a touchdown by Robbie Rouse.

Cal replied with a touchdown of their own by Isi Sofele.

And another touchdown by Isi Sofele.

And Maynard didn't let the early interception affect him as he threw a 42 yard pass to Marvin Jones.

Who was able to make the catch, escape his defender and score a touchdown.

And after the first two point after attempts being blocked, Giorgio Tavecchio scored the point after on the third try!

Cal looked to be in the clear, but then after a wild snap, Isi Sofele recovered the ball but was unable to get out of the endzone and fumbled, with a recovery by Fresno State's Christin Wilson for a touchdown.

Third quarter, Cal comes out earns another touchdown with another catch by Marvin Jones. Also, even though it didn't lead to a scoring drive, want to note Steve Williams' impressive interception at the Cal 19 yard line.

Cal sweetly sealed the deal as they batted away the ball in Derek Carr's wind up, and defensive lineman Trevor Guyton was able to recover the fumble and run for a touchdown.

The victory was further locked up as Giorgio Tavecchio scored a 40 yard field goal. Fresno State scored a touchdown with under four minutes to play, too little, too late as the Golden Bears defeated the Bulldogs 36-21. Happy for my Cal Bears to get the win, but I can't resist how cute the bulldog is =)

It's new and different to not be photographing Cal football for John Todd and I miss the build up to the season with headshots and marketing shoots, but I'm happy and thankful I was able to find a way to photograph the games of my alma mater =)