December 9, 2011

Deloitte Holiday Party

After attending a corporate holiday party, I switched roles and photographed a holiday party for Deloitte at the beautiful Terra Gallery and Event Center in San Francisco.

I arrived early and the space was so beautifully decorated, I found myself taking tons of space and food pictures while they prepared for the guests.

As the event got started, and being in a gallery, it reminded me of Love Actually and their holiday party at the gallery. Though the art at Terra was a little more PG.

I was a very happy photographer in the beginning with big windows letting in a lot of sunlight. But as the evening went on it became darker and darker and the mood lighting wasn't helping me out, so instead of roaming around the room, I roamed around the few areas where light was bouncing off walls and hoped new people would roam through.

And then I entertained myself and got a little creative.

I also did my typical "do you mind if I take a quick picture of you two/three/guys/all" but being Christmas, I started targeting people who had yet to strike conversation with the person standing next to them. I'm hoping I was the catalyst for new friendships, romances, etc. 'Tis the season! =)

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