December 8, 2011

BKW: Cal defeat Saint Mary's 65-55

Headed over to the McKeon Pavilion in Moraga (a lot easier to get there in daylight and not driving down two lane roads in darkness like last time's 11pm game)

In a battled out game, the Bears defeated the Gaels 65-55.

The Gaels were all over Brittany Boyd

And apart from a questionable technical she got back up every time.

And still managed to put 15 points on the board.

I remember my short basketball career, one season in elementary school. I really liked my purple Nike's but was afraid to get the ball because I wasn't nearly agressive enough to hold onto it.

I think these girl's like it, because after this play,

Reshanda Gray came out of the fray smiling, like "yep, I got it"

Sometimes you just gotta throw your hands up and hope you're stopping something.

And Cal was putting on some heavy defense too.

I love watching Eliza Pierre's intensity of expression. Lining up at the free throw line, giving the stink eye.

And then boxing out on the girl who's just about half a foot taller than her with the help of Justine Hartman.

It's pretty impressive that with so many new players on the court, coupled with a new coach, the team has forged such great chemistry with each other. Maybe every win isn't pretty but it counts and 7-2 isn't a bad record at all.

Also got my feet tweet with Bay Area News Group Reporter Ben Enos =)

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