January 22, 2012

NFL: Giants defeat the 49ers 20-17

Headed over to Candlestick for the NFC Championship game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

There was so much excitement leading up to this game. From the season, to the week, to just the hours, minutes, seconds before kickoff.

Bailey was back with the niners anthem of sorts "Who's Got It Better Than Us?"

Train was on hand to perform "Save Me San Francisco" before the players came storming onto the field.

Kristen Chenoweth was there to perform the National Anthem, while Travis Air Force Base brought out the largest American flag I've ever seen at a football game!

Brad Pasiely even performed at half time! Not sure if that was an agreement with NFL in general, because I wouldn't otherwise predict a country artist for a San Francisco game. But the country girl in me appreciated it!

NFL Fox Sunday Live was there with all our favorite commentators.

With their studio set up wrapped in plastic to avoid the drizzle.

Even the skycam was in place ready to capture that video game angle.

Prepared for the rain, I was thankful for a persistent but light drizzle. And thanks to Sister Cox letting me borrow her purple raincoat so I was nice and dry and warm throughout the game.

Bundled up, I was impressed the cheerleaders performed through the elements, not appearing to care how the rain was ruining their perfect hairstyles, and still looking great!

Niners put the first points on the board with a nice catch and run by superstar Vernon Davis.

Who proved he wasn't done after catching another touchdown in the third quarter.

Giants were matching the scores and trading touchdowns and field goals with the niners.

Regulation ended without much fanfare at 17-17.

After both teams trading back and forth for three and out I really thought niners were going to be able to pull it off, because Manning just didn't look the part of confidence.

But I supposed if I had listened to this literal little birdie, he might have known otherwise.

Giants punted. And on the punt return Kyle Williams fumbled the ball. And in a flash, the game changed. Giants were able to drive and kick for a field goal.

And just like that, Giants defeated the 49ers and are headed to the superbowl.

Though it was a bummer end to an amazing season for the niners, congratulations to the Giants.

As all the wives and girlfriends joined the players on the field.

And you see Victor Cruz speaking to the media, an undrafted free agent, (who guess what... dropped his first career pass and also experienced a twitter backlash like Kyle Williams)

But let's not forget that this team was 6 and 10 last year, spent summer not knowing if they'd have a coach... or even a job. If you can overlook this difficult loss, it was an amazing season and everyone should be proud, and motivated to continue, the impressive play that got them to this point to begin with!

I keep hearing reports of death threats on Kyle Williams... Really?!? Maybe this game isn't part of the highlight reel he's looking for, maybe he was the last player to touch the ball for the niners and made a mistake, but the opportunity to win and lose is throughout the game, as a team, not on the shoulders of one person or play. Sport is a glorious part of our culture that provides fun camaraderie between us everyday folk as we watch our teams win and lose which they inevitably do both of at some point.

Yes, Ace Ventura is one of my favorite movies because it's a COMEDY that someone would steal a dolphin and threaten death based on "laces out Dan!!" To hear something similar is happening in real life with threats from supposed fans?... not funny! Let's encourage Kyle Williams, a kid younger than me, to have a long, successful career! As with many things in life: it gets better!

In happier news. Before halftime I was in the southeast corner of the stadium and I spotted Terry Bradshaw standing near me. I took a quick picture and thought oooooh celebrity status!

Then Bradshaw came closer to the field and was standing RIGHT next to me. I thought "OMG, Terry Bradshaw is standing next to me! Terry Bradshaw is standing next to me! Terry Bradshaw is standing next to me!" There was no cool segeway for me to start a conversation. So I just reveled in my proximity. Then he made some comment like "wow, you guys really need a new stadium!" I tried to be witty and retorted "at least the lights are still on." Then he was asking me about what I was shooting, how many pictures my camera could take and we had a legitimate mini conversation before he was taken away by a producer to prepare for the halftime show. Celebrity Status!!! My dad even spotted him chatting to me on the TV too, haha!

This has been an incredible season for me. The new people I've met, and the people I've gotten to know better, the images I've been able to make! I can only hope that next year not only do the niners come back bigger and better, but I do too! =)


  1. Kelley, your images are amazing. People on FB people are linking u all the time :)
    What kinda of crazy lens do you use?

  2. Thanks George! Actually, I shoot with a 300mm which is a pretty small lens for sports, but I like it! Also use a 70-200 and/or 16-35 for the wider action, depending on the play =)

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