February 5, 2012

5K Champions

After a late night in Sacramento made it back to San Francisco a bit before 1am to stay with my friends Nicole and Dan who conveniently live near Golden Gate Park - where we were racing at 8am this morning!

Having never ran more than 1.5miles in my life, and having complained very much when I did, I'm not sure how I let Nicole convince me to do a 5K with her. Other people call this a fun run... I call it torture. Turned out to not be that tortuous, Nicole helped me keep a nice pace so I didn't tucker out. And you can see how happy/ridiculous we look crossing the finish line. Ignore that a small child is finishing the race right behind us.

Then we got to enjoy the free goodies while we waited for Dan who completed the 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours. Way to go Dan!

Then we enjoyed some yummy brunch with Dan's parents who were in town, before I headed back to Vacaville to watch the superbowl with my dad/stuff my face and completely counteract my running.

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