January 13, 2011

Cal Lacrosse 2011

Headed up to Witter Rugby Field today for Cal Lacrosse head shots and team photo.

Lacrosse normally plays at Memorial Stadium but while it's under construction, lacrosse is temporarily playing on the Witter Rugby Field. So weird to see the field as turf! Same beautiful trees though!

When the morning looked a little rainy, I thought I should bring the set up for my background just in case. Thankfully new GBS intern, Lara Brucker was able to meet me at my carry and help me carry everything up the hill since there is no available parking near Witter.

We started with the team photo since it was dry. Trying to use only the field as background I had to elevate and use a wider lens than I would otherwise prefer. Being resourceful, I stood on one of the football training tables, but it wasn't quite enough height to eliminate the fence without bringing the girls in to the point of distortion... so I stood on top of a trash can. Thankfully photos don't include the way they were taken, and no one except me, the girls, the SID, and now you, know.

We started taking class photos, but then in the middle of juniors the rain started coming down. So although I would have loved to shoot all the head shots outside, I was certainly glad I brought my background and glad I had Lara to help pack everything up quickly so we could move into the locker room quickly and escape the rain.

Unfortunately lacrosse is one of the sports slated to be eliminated next year, to learn more and support the program please visit the Save Cal Lacrosse page.

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