January 13, 2011

Stanford Men's Basketball defeats Washington 58-56

Wow! Stanford defeated No. 17 Washington in one of the most crazy final seconds decisions I've seen.

After a back and forth game, Stanford was ahead 58-56 with 5 seconds left on the clock, Washington's missed the shot, Justin Holiday got the rebound but Jeremy Green was called for a foul with 2 seconds left. Holiday to the line.

And Holiday missed both the free throws! Dwight Powell pulled in the rebound and I thought Stanford had the win. But Powell was called for traveling.

Final 2 seconds, inbound pass to Holiday. And he missed the shot.

Rough night for Holiday, huge win for Stanford! Was a great night for the photographers specifically Nhat Meyer and Kyle Terada, because there was pizza in the media work room! ;-)


  1. thats the type of shout out i get?!?! :(

  2. Hahaha! I was gonna put that you and Nhat took the pizza before the "lady" but figured I should be nice... or at least try ;-)

    I did update the Dec 28 blog: http://blog.kelleylcox.com/2010/12/stanford-mens-basketball-defeats-yale.html

  3. I missed pizza? But I've been craving pizza and don't where else to get it but the media room at a basketball arena.