April 3, 2011

SFBAPPA 37th Annual News Photography Competition

Had a great evening tonight at Scott's in Oakland for the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers (SFBAPPA) 37th Annual News Photography Competition.  This is my first year as a member and it was great to see some photographers I know and meet some others whose byline I'm familiar with but have never met in person. I went home with an Award of Excellence in the Sports Feature category for my photo of Marta celebrating after a goal. It's an honor to have my work recognized amongst some of the INCREDIBLE images and videos that were included in the competition. For a full set of winners, check out sfbappa.org

It was also a fun opportunity for me to wear a dress and heels. Running around a field/court, and constantly crouching or kneeling, doesn't quite permit style beyond jeans and a tshirt. Last week's rainy quakes game decked out in rain gear, I was actually called "gentleman" so it's nice to be girly for an evening. SFBAPPA president Paul Sakuma, who I've known for four years, didn't even recognize me at first! Here's my tweet yo feet in my favorite oxfords =)

And a huge THANKS to my photo buddy, Jose Carlos Fajardo, the only photographer at the event I knew well enough to follow him around while he introduced to me to lots of wonderful people. Without him, I likely would have been too shy and hung out in the corner all evening. Thanks Jose!!

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