February 10, 2010

Clear skies in the Bay!

Today my friend Mary came up to "visit home" Though from the bay, she is currently a grad student at UCLA. We had some time to kill before meeting up with my sister in Berkeley so we decided to tour the city we lived in for 4 years, Berkeley! Was an absolutely beautiful night in the bay! Great weather, clear skies, and amazingly... very little fog.

We started our tour up at Lawrence Hall of Science, one of Mary's favorite spots. This area to her, is what Sutro Tower is to me. Offers a great view of East Bay, Bay Bridge, and San Francisco. You can see Sutro in the pictures too!

I was without tripod so I used the hood of my car and set my lens on top of my wallet.

I also played around with the zoom. Always makes me think of my friend/fellow photographer Nathan Yan who taught a photo decal at Cal and had a whole section on uses of "creative blur"

Next stop we headed down to the Berkeley Marina... you miss the view of the East Bay but it's a great view of SF.

We walked all the way down the pier and Mary was such a trooper posing for me as I experimented with my 530EX II and transmitter. It is so incredibly difficult to focus in low light. Ended up having Mary hold her iPhone up to her face to have a light source to focus on, then switched to manual focus. This was also still without tripod, set on a cement block with my keys holding up my lens this time and without a stand or umbrella or anything for my flash... it's what you might call jankytown photography by Kelley =)

Was trial and error... with the majority being error.

I did end up getting some ok shots.

Also got to make cool ghosty shots =)

Good night, good friend, good fun!!

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