July 15, 2010

Viv Biz Club Products

Last week I had quite the out of the ordinary assignment.

My friends Arul Velan and Dinesh Thirupuvanam are working on the webpage for their start-up Viv Biz Club.  SF residents might remember the Viv stickers loyalty program that promoted eco-friendly businesses around the city. Now Viv has also evolved into offering group discounts (up to 80% off) on eco-friendly products like compostable food packaging, green cleaning products, and recycled office supplies... but that means they needs photos of these products!

I have never pretended to be any sort of product photographer, but gave it a shot.

It was a little difficult because a lot of the items were clear cups and containers and I don't know have experience, lights, or lenses to make them pop out of the background, but I did my best. It's always fun to venture outside and challenge myself a little bit.

Put M&Ms in some of the clear items to help. Also, placed a Coke can next to some as a relative object, so a lot of it looked like an add for Coke and M&Ms haha.

Be sure to check out the Viv site and blog to see what they're up to as well as follow eco-friendly practices locally and internationally. Can also follow them on Facebook


  1. Hey Kelly - thanks for the love! Will let you know once the pics are up,


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