September 5, 2010

Billboard Found!!

To end the day, my parents and I drove over to my billboard in San Francisco. I had found out about it thanks to my friend Polina, and searched it out Wednesday night with my sister (Brannan and 2nd St). But wanted to come back during the day to get a better photo of it to share.

Stacey after our night spotting

My photo was in the running to be selected for a billboard to advertise Cal Football. Thanks to family and friends... and friends of friends, friends of family, family of friends, family of family and complete strangers, my photo got the most votes!!

posing in front of it with my dad

Yay!! This makes 2 billboards that have used my images! WooWoo!!


Thanks again!!

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  1. That's very awesome Kelley! It's a great photo!!:)